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International Day of the Girl Child

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International Day of the Girl Child

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GEH Intern Meghan Yap Honored as Champion of Change at White House

Meghan Yap Champion of Change

Center on Gender Equity and Health intern and UC San Diego senior, Meghan Yap, who is helping the school address sexual assault issues was honored as a "Champion of Change" by the Obama administration on Thursday, April 14th, at the White House by Vice President Joe Biden. Yap has been reviewing recommendations from state and national coalitions against sexual assault and analyzing campus policies to assess their adherence to those approaches. She also advocates for greater sensitivity and to prevent re-victimization of survivors. Read more...

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More Than One-Fourth of Female Sex Workers in Northern Mexican Cities Enter Sex Trade As Minors.

One in four female sex workers in two Mexican cities on the U.S. border entered the sex trade younger than age 18; one in eight before their 16th  birthday.Dr. Silverman, Brouwer, Servin, and Raj, authors of a recent publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reported that these women were more than 3x more likely to become infected with HIV and to be violently coerced to engage in sex with male clients than those who started sex work as adults. Read more, watch the news. or on the radio.


Screen capture of Sex Worker in Mexico from tv News feature


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