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We are dedicated to building awareness, research and action on the equitable treatment of women and girls as a means of improving the health of populations globally.


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MEASURES Gender Equality/Empowerment Meeting

An initial meeting was held on November 3rd, to bring together experts on gender equality and empowerment measures/indicators with scientific expertise regarding the science of the measures (validity, development history) and practical knowledge of what is working in the field, to identify novel and scientifically sound measures, identify gaps or frustrations with existing measures and build awareness across experts and fields regarding development of/promising measures to help push an agenda for their use, for cross-national understanding and monitoring of key issues. This meeting was held as part of our new Gates Foundation grant focused on gender equality and empowerment measures development in and for India. Please see our press release on this new study..."

March 2017 GEH Blog 

GEH team at work in Kenya

Understanding Women and Girls’ Experiences of Reproductive Coercion, Intimate Partner Violence, and Unintended Pregnancy in Nairobi, Kenya

March 2, 2017
Sabrina Boyce

Dr. Silverman begins work with IPPF to adapt and evaluate the ARCHES intervention to reduce reproductive coercion, intimate partner violence, and related unintended pregnancy among family planning clinic users in Kenya. Read the full post...

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