GEH Interns

 Jazlyn Barrientos GEH Intern

Jazlyn Y. Barrientos
UCSD Senior, Class of 2018
Major(s): Public Health & Global Health
Minor: International Migration Studies

Her interests involve migration, health, equity, social justice & global health policy. She is passionate about advocating for vulnerable populations such as women, central americans, and the undocumented community. She is currently research assistant at the Center for Healthy Eating and Activity Research, which provides free services for people in the San Diego area trying to receive services to lose weight and maintain healthy eating and activity behaviors. She is currently involved with two projects with an underlying focus on immigration. One focuses on the educational attainment and aspirations of binational students from the Tijuana/U.S. border, analyzing social and political constructs that may be affecting their attainment and retention. The second project focuses on the undocumented population of San Diego county and how their behaviors have changed from the corresponding policies of the current administration. 

 Jonathan Linco Intern

Jonathan Linco
UCSD Senior, Class of 2018
Major(s): Human Biology & Global Health

He is currently working under the supervision of Dr. Rupa Jose and Dr. Anita Raj. Jonathan is involved with the EMERGE Project, which aims at addressing the lack of gender equality and empowerment measures in low to middle income countries, particularly India. His interests include Asian/Asian American, LGBTQIA+, and gender health disparities and mental health, and how various factors and events across the life course influence paradigms of these populations.

 Anh Vo Intern

Anh Vo
UCSD Junior, Class of 2019
Major(s): Global Health & Public Health
Minor: Science, Technology & Society

She is especially interested in socioecological effects on individual health, which encompasses social justice activism and advocacy issues of gender inequality & women empowerment, class inequalities, racial justice, and healthcare system reforms. Anh hopes to get involved further in global health research from an epidemiological perspective, as well as closing the world health inequity gap from a top-down, interdisciplinary approach in the future.

 Taylor Wyrick Intern

Taylor Wyrick
UCSD Senior, Class of 2018
Major(s): Physiology & Neuroscience

Taylor is currently working under the supervision of Dr. Anita Raj on various projects, where her interest in empowering girls & women have been fostered. She is interested in gender disparities in the fields of health and science. Taylor has spent the largest part of her life as an athlete in various sports. This facet of her personality led her to advocate for the use of athletics as a mechanism of empowerment for girls as students, athletes and women. Her interests outside of work and her studies include writing, sports and cooking.

 Lena Zinner Intern

Lena Anabelle Zinner
UCSD Senior, Class of 2018
Major(s): Global Health & Biological Anthropology

She has an interest in the way social identity or the environment can influence health outcomes. Lena believes strongly in taking an equitable and holistic approach to health. Her primary region of interest is in the Middle East, where she worked previously, Turkey and Lebanon.


Julie Yip
UCSD Senior, Class of 2018
Major(s): Bioengineering: Biotechnology
Minor: Design

Her interests include maternal mental health, perinatal care, applying engineering to global health and women empowerment. She was previously involved with Engineering World Health, an organization which creates low-cost medical devices for limited resources settings. She is also the co-founder of Hapty Hearts, a team developing device to help connect perinatal mothers with their babies using heart beats.




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