Development of Partner Violence Perpetration Among Men

The majority of research on partner and dating violence, to date, has focused on the consequences of victimization among girls and women. However, there has been increasing recognition that greater attention is needed to understand what is driving the perpetration of this violence in relationships. This project involved a retrospective cohort study of men ages 18-35 (age group found to perpetrate partner violence at the highest rates) who were English-, Spanish-, or Portuguese-speaking. Men (N=1318) were recruited from 3 large community health centers located in lower-income, ethnically-diverse, urban neighborhoods in the Northeast U.S.

Quantitative surveys were completed to assess risk and protective factors for perpetration of partner violence, and to inform understanding of developmental pathways and social contexts (including individual, family, peer, and community levels) hypothesized to relate to partner violence perpetration.

* Funded by: National Center for Injury Control and Prevention/CDC

Selected Publications

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