HIV Test and Treat Initiative

Gendered Issues Affecting HIV Test and Treat Programs- Evaluation of the Kaiser Community-Based HIV Test and Treat Initiative

The Test and Treat Initiative is a Kaiser Permanente funded research study that aims to increase HIV testing and support linkage to care in minority communities disproportionately affected by HIV, including; recently incarcerated, African-American, MSM, and transgender populations. It is part of a larger initiative involving the evaluation of community-based HIV testing and care utilization programs for vulnerable populations in the United States. Though this study is not specifically designed to consider and address gender-based violence and sex trade risks, evaluation findings will consider these issues. In addition to this test and treat evaluation effort, we are also collaborating with Boston University on an HIV test and treat intervention with injection drug users in Russia. Consideration of violence and sex trade involvement will also be included in that study.

Link to Active Project: Community-based Interventions to Increase HIV Testing and HIV Care Utilization Evaluation.







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Anita Raj, PhD 

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Anita Raj, PhD


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