Dr. Javier Cepeda


Javier A. Cepeda, PhD, MPH is Assistant Professor in the Division of Global Public Health within the Department of Medicine at UCSD.  He was trained in epidemiology of microbial diseases at Yale University where he received his MPH and PhD.  He conducted his postdoctoral research in infectious diseases in the Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a second postdoctoral fellowship at UCSD where he obtained training in economic evaluations of HIV prevention interventions. 
He has 10 years’ experience investigating the intersecting epidemics of HIV and hepatitis C virus, substance use, and incarceration and has been involved in projects based in the United States, India, Mexico, and Russia.  His current research involves assessing the impact of a police education program (Proyecto Escudo) in Tijuana, Mexico on HIV incidence among people who inject drugs.  His Mentored Research Scientist Development Award  will also examine the cost-effectiveness of implementing such interventions in order to inform evidence-based policymaking in resource limited settings.  Dr. Cepeda is also interested in developing novel interventions to align law enforcement with public health in environments where injection drug use and HIV are highly stigmatized.  He intends to use findings from his current research to inform future interventions to increase HIV testing and linkage to care.

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