Dr. Laramie Smith

Laramie R. Smith, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and behavioral health scientist whose research focuses on the prevention and treatment needs of HIV-affected and medically underserved communities. Dr. Smith received her BA in Psychology and minor in American Cultural Studies from Western Washington University, and her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Connecticut. During her doctoral training she was awarded a NIH pre-doctoral (F31 MH093264-01) National Research Service Award to develop and evaluate a theory-based approach to retention in HIV care in the Bronx, NY. Through a complimentary line of research, Dr. Smith continues to investigate mechanisms through which HIV-, Drug Use-, and Methadone Maintenance- related stigmas disrupt individuals’ prevention and treatment behaviors.

During her doctoral training Dr. Smith worked at the Center for Health, Intervention, and Prevention (CHIP) on a large prevention for positives intervention RCT in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Extending from this trial, she integrated her work on HIV prevention and retention in HIV care to investigate and support the needs of newly diagnosed patients in this population who were not yet eligible for antiretroviral therapy. Prior to her doctoral training, Dr. Smith worked on the CDC’s National HIV/AIDS Behavioral Surveillance study with the Seattle/King-County Department of Public Health’s HIV/AIDS Program, and was engaged in research examining the intersection of substance use and housing vulnerabilities among adolescent and adult populations at the University of Washington.

Her research interests include infectious disease prevention, treatment, and care; health disparities; medically vulnerable/underserved populations; LGBT health; health behavior theory; intervention development and evaluation; structural equation modeling.

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