Dr. Kiyomi Tsuyuki


Kiyomi Tsuyuki, PhD, MPH is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Global Public Health in UCSD’s School of Medicine. She received a PhD in Community Health Sciences from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health & an MPH degree in Health Behavior & Health Education from the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Dr. Tsuyuki’s research applies a social justice framework, and a wide range of statistical and qualitative techniques, to elucidate how socio-structural inequity across the life course enhances social stress and exacerbates disparities in substance use, violence, and HIV in disadvantaged communities. Trained in population studies and health demography at the California Center for Population Research (R24 HD 041022), Dr. Tsuyuki’s domestic and international research has been supported by numerous prestigious institutions, including the National Institute of Mental Health (T32 MH 19127), The Bixby Center on Population and Reproductive Health, the National Institute of Drug Abuse (T32 DA 023356), the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Chile Health and Human Development (R01 HD 077891-04S1), the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN; UM1 AI 068619), the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (K01 AA 025009), and World Bank/Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI). At UCSD, Dr. Tsuyuki is training in salivary, urinary, and blood-based biomarkers of stress and immune function, and how this associates with syndemic drug and alcohol use disorders, violence, and HIV/STI prevention and care outcomes among Black and Latino men and women in the U.S. and globally (Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Zambia).

Key Publications:

1. Tsuyuki K, Pitpitan EV, Levi-Minzi MA, Urada LA, Kurtz SP, Stockman JK, Surratt HL. (Forthcoming). Substance Abuse, Violence, HIV, and Mental Health: Differentiating a syndemic factor by gender and sexuality. AIDS & Behavior.

2. Tsuyuki K , Donta B, Dasgupta A, Fleming PJ, Ghule, M, Battala M, Nair S, Silverman JG, Saggurti N, Raj A. (2017). Masculine Gender Ideologies, Intimate Partner Violence, and Alcohol Increase Risk for Genital Tract Infections among Married Men in Rural Indian. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

3. Urada LA, Simmons J, Wong B., Tsuyuki K, Condino-Enrera G, Hernandez Li, Simbulan NP, Raj A. (2016). A Human Rights-Focused HIV Intervention for Sex Workers in Metro Manila, Philippines: Evaluation of the effects in a quantitative pilot study. International Journal of Public Health. PMID: 27600733.

4. Tsuyuki K, Gipson JD, Urada LA, Barbosa RM, Morisky DE. (2016). Dual Protection to Address the Global Syndemic of HIV and Unintended Pregnancy in Brazil. Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care; 42. PMCID: PMC26880759.

5. Urada LA, Halterman S, Raj A, Tsuyuki K, Pimentel-Simbulan N, Silverman JG. (2016). Socio-structural and Behavioral Risk Factors Associated with Trafficked History of Female Bar/Spa Entertainers in the Sex Trade in the Philippines. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, Jan;132(1):55-9. PMCID: PMC4715926.

6. Tsuyuki K and Surratt HL. (2015). Antiretroviral Drug Diversion Links Social Vulnerability to Poor Medication Adherence in Substance Abusing Populations. AIDS & Behavior. May;19(5):869-81. PMID: 25893656.

7. Tsuyuki K, Surratt HL, Levi-Minzi MA, O’Grady CL, Kurtz SP. (2015). The Demand for Antiretroviral Drugs in the Illicit Marketplace: Implications for HIV disease management among vulnerable populations. AIDS & Behavior. May:19(5):857-68. PMID:24984142.

8. Surratt HL, Kurtz SP, Levi-Minzi MA, Cicero TJ, Tsuyuki K, and O’Grady CL. (2015). Pain Treatment and Antiretroviral Medication Adherence Among Vulnerable HIV-Positive Patients. AIDS Patient Care and STDs. Apr;29(4):186-92. PMID: 24984142.

9. Tsuyuki K, Barbosa RM, and Pinho AA. (2013). Dual Protection and Dual Methods in Women Living with HIV: The Brazilian Context. Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, vol. 2013, 8 pages. PMID: 26316959.

Research Projects:

1. The Essence Project: Examining Stress, Sexual Experiences, and Neighborhood Correlates of HIV Risk among African American Women (Role: Co-I)
Funding Source: NICHD R01HD0077891

2. Double Vulnerabilities of Violence and HIV among Women in Brazil (Role: Co-I)
Funding Source: Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI)/World Bank

3. Prevention in HIV-positive Substance Users in Brazil, Thailand, and Zambia (Role: PI)
Funding Source: HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) Scholars Program

4. SALUD: Syndemic Alcohol Use Disorders, Violence, and HIV/STI in Young Latino Men  (Role:PI)
Funding Source: NIAAA K01AA025009