Dr. Tommi Gaines

Dr. Tommie Gaines 

Dr. Tommi L. Gaines, Dr.P.H. is a biostatistician examining the social epidemiology of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Dr. Gaines' research captures the complex dependencies between individuals and their environments by modeling the interaction of social conditions, geographic location, and individual risk characteristics using advance statistical analysis. Her area of expertise is in statistical methodology and research interests include spatial epidemiology, multilevel analysis, health surveys, and public health research. Her prior work involved cross-disciplinary, inter-university projects investigating substance use in relation to health outcomes among inner city emergency room populations. Dr. Gaines received her Doctorate in Public Health with a specialization in Biostatistics from the University of California, Los Angeles, and her Master's degree in Statistics from San Diego State University. She was recently selected as a fellow for the Indigenous HIV/AIDS Research Training Program. Under this program, Dr. Gaines will apply her biostatistical training to examine the social epidemiology of HIV/STIs in Native American communities. Currently, Dr. Gaines is the recipient of a Mentored Scientist Career Development award (K01) from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This 5-year award will position Dr. Gaines as a leading methodologist at the forefront of applying computational modeling in behavioral research among vulnerable populations.


Selected Publications:

  1. Bazargan-Hejazi, S., Gaines, T.L., Bazargan, M., Ahmadi, A. (2011). Alcohol misuse and multiple sexual partners. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, 13(2): 151-159. PMCID: PMC3415802
  2. Gaines, T.L., Rusch, M.L., Brouwer, K.C., Lozada, R., Perkins, E., Strathdee, S.A., Patterson, T.L. (2012). The effect of geography on HIV/STIs in Tijuana’s red light district. Journal of Urban Health [Epub ahead of Print]
  3. Beletsky, L., Lozada, R., Gaines, T., Abramovitz, D., Staines, H., Vera, A., Rangel, G., Strathdee, S.A. (2012). Syringe confiscation as an HIV risk factor: The public health implications of arbitrary policing in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Journal of Urban Health. [Epub ahead of print]

Research Projects:

  1. Modeling the Complex Dynamics between Behaviors and Environments Shaping HIV/STIs. Funding Source: NIDA K01 DA034523-01