Dr. Karla Wagner

Karla Wagner 

Karla Wagner, Ph.D., conducts mixed methods behavioral research that focuses on the prevention of negative health outcomes associated with injection drug use, especially HIV, viral hepatitis, and fatal overdose. She has worked with syringe exchange programs in New York and Los Angeles, and has been involved in the development and ongoing evaluation of an overdose prevention training program for injection drug users in Los Angeles. Her current project will investigate the social network factors associated with HIV risk behavior among drug-using male clients of female sex workers in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Wagner earned a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University, and a Ph.D. in Preventive Medicine (Health Behavior Research) from the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.


"Wider Availability of Naloxone Could Help Curb Drug Overdose Epidemic," KPBS features Karla Wagner, PhD

Los Angeles' Skid Row Study on Naloxone by Karla Wagner, PhD

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications:

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Research Projects:

  1. Sex/Drug Tourism at the US/Mexico Border: Social Network Influences on HIV Risk. Funding source: NIDA K01-DA031031
  2. Personal Networks of FSW-IDUs and their male partners: Broadening the context of HIV prevention: UCSD Center for AIDS RESEARCH (CFAR) Developmental Grant (Feb 2012-Feb 2013)

Courses Taught:

  1. MED231 – An Introduction to Mixed Methods Research (Winter Quarter)