Dr. Britt Skaathun

Britt Skaathun, PhD, MPH is an Epidemiologist whose research focuses on advancing HIV/STI epidemiology through social and sexual network analysis. She earned her doctoral degree in epidemiology from the University of Chicago and her MPH in epidemiology from the University of Illinois-Chicago.
Previous research has focused on using social and sexual networks to develop metrics to better target HIV prevention. In addition, she has done research on the impact of social-environment factors (i.e. exposure to community violence, criminal justice involvement, and housing instability) on the composition of the social networks of young Black Men who have Sex with Men in South Chicago, as well as cost-effectiveness analyses of HIV screening approaches. She has been involved in HIV research since 2006, and previously worked as an Epidemiologist with the Chicago Department of Public Health on the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance system and at the Chicago Developmental Center for AIDS Research.

Selected Publications

1. Nikolopoulos GK, Pavlitina E, Muth SQ, Schneider JA, Psichogiou M, Williams L, Paraskevis D, Sypsa V, Magiorkinis G, Smyrnov P, Korobchuk A, Vasylyeva T, Skaathun B, Malliori M, Kafetzopoulos E, Hatzakis A, Friedman SR. “Fighting Upstream, Downstream and Sidestream: towards more efficient yields of the newly infected in HIV contact investigations.” Scientific Reports  [In Press]

2. Schneider JA, Kozloski M, Michaels S, Skaathun B, Voisin D, Lancki N, Morgan E, Khanna A, Green K, Coombs RW, Friedman SR, Laumann E, Schumm P. “Criminal justice involvement history is associated with better HIV care continuum metrics among a population-based sample of young Black men who have sex with men.” AIDS . 2017 Jan: 31 (1); 159-165

3. Schneider J, Cornwell B, Jonas A, Behler R, Lancki N, Skaathun B, Michaels S, Khanna AS, Young LE, Morgan E, Duvoisin R, Friedman S, Schumm P, Laumann E. “Network dynamics and HIV risk and prevention in a population based cohort of Young Black Men Who have Sex with Men.” Network Science  [In Press]

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