Dr. Dan Werb (Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar)

Daniel Werb 

Dan Werb, PhD, MSc, is an epidemiologist and policy analyst with expertise working in the fields of HIV, addictions, and drug policy. Currently a PhD candidate in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Dan is slated to begin his postdoctoral fellowship at UCSD in August 2013. While at UCSD, Dan will be investigating the implementation of drug policy reforms in Tijuana, Mexico, and their impact on access to addiction treatment and HIV risk behaviors among people who inject drugs. At present, Dan is senior research assistant at the Urban Health Research Initiative at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, where his recent focus is on investigating trajectories of injection drug use among street-involved youth and people who inject drugs in Vancouver, Canada. He is also co-founder and research coordinator of the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy. His research interests are wide ranging and include identifying determinants of illicit drug market participation, the effect of drug law enforcement on public health, adherence to HIV antiretroviral therapy among people who inject drugs, global drug supply reduction, discretionary policing, and drug market violence. He is a former research fellow at the Senlis Council, a European drug policy lobby group, and has worked as a journalist reporting on drug policy and public health. He is a 2012 Trudeau Foundation Scholar, a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Post-Doctoral Fellow, and the recipient of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Canada Graduate Scholarship and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Graduate Award.

Selected publications:

  • Werb D, Kerr T, Buxton J, Shoveller J, Richardson C, Montaner J, Wood E. Patterns of injection drug use cessation during an expansion of syringe exchange services in a Canadian setting. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, in press.
  • Werb D, Milloy MJ, Kerr T, Zhang R, Montaner JSG, Wood E. Injection drug use and HIV antiretroviral therapy discontinuation in a Canadian setting. AIDS and Behavior, 2013;17(1):68-73.
  • Werb D, Mills EJ, DeBeck K, Kerr T, Montaner JSG, Wood E. The effectiveness of anti-illicit drug public service announcements: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health; 2011;65(10):834-840.
  • Werb D, Kerr T, Fast D, Qi J, Montaner JSG, Wood E. Drug-related risks among street youth in two neighborhoods in a Canadian setting. Health & Place, 2010;16(5):1061-1067.
  • Werb D, Mills EJ, Montaner JSG, Wood E. Risk of resistance to HIV antiretroviral therapy among patients with and without a history of injection drug use. Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2010;(10)7:464-469.
  • Werb D, DeBeck K, Kerr T, Li K, Montaner J, Wood E. Modeling crack use trends in a Canadian setting. Drug and Alcohol Review, 2010;29(3):271-7.
  • Werb D, Hayashi K, Fairbairn N, Kaplan K, Suwannawong P, Lai C, Kerr T. Drug use patterns among Thai illicit drug users amidst increased police presence. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy 2009;4(1).
  • Werb D, Kerr T, Wood E, Small W, Strathdee S, Montaner J. Effects of police confiscation of illicit drugs and syringes among injection drug users in Vancouver. International Journal of Drug Policy 2008;(19)4:332-8.
  • Werb D, Kerr T. HIV risks associated with incarceration among injection drug users: implications for prison-based public health strategies. Journal of Public Health 2008;30(2):126-32.
  • Werb D, Kerr T, Li K, Montaner J, Wood E. Risks surrounding drug trade involvement among a cohort of street-involved youth. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 2008;34(6):810-20.   

Research projects:

  • The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy. Funding source: Open Society Foundation/MAC AIDS Fund.