Dr. Patricia Gonzalez-Zuniga


Patricia Gonzalez Moreno- Zuniga MD, AAHIVS, is a postdoctoral fellow enrolled in the Master of Public Health at UABC’s School of Medicine and Psychology. She is also the research coordinator for EL CUETE Phase I (#R01; PI: SA Strathdee). Drs.  Jamila Stockman and Steffanie Strathdee are her advisors.  Dr. Gonzalez’s research interests are in HIV prevention, specifically, in the context of linking, engagement and retention in care for vulnerable populations (e.g., injection drug users, female sex workers) in the US-Mexico border region. She also has a strong interest in the mentoring of future generation of health professionals in new approaches to reduce barriers by striving to develop a Patient Centered Care Network. Her project will explore injection drug users’ (IDUs) barriers to linkage to and engagement and retention in HIV-related medical care at health institutions, housing and drug rehabilitation centers in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Similarly, Dr. Gonzalez will explore the factors associated with recent HIV seroconversion among IDUs in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.