Julie Bergmann


Julie Bergmann, MHS, is a PhD Candidate in the UCSD-SDSU Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health, Global Health Track. She received her MHS in International Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

As a doctoral student, Julie has strived to pursue and work on multidisciplinary projects. She completed a cost-effectiveness study of integrated HIV and nutrition programs in sub-Saharan Africa with UNICEF. She has also worked with the Office of Global Affairs, an HHS office, as an International Health Analyst in a position that brought together diplomacy and health in the nascent field of global health diplomacy.


Her dissertation research focuses on mother to child transmission of HIV throughout a women’s reproductive lifespan in Kenya and Uganda. In Kenya, her work is focused family planning use among HIV+ couples. In Uganda, Julie assesses maternal barriers, including cost, to infant access of HIV health services. Her other research interests include intimate partner violence, gender-power dynamics, cost-effectiveness and program evaluation.
Julie is the recipient of two dissertation research grants. She received the Frontiers of Innovation Scholars award from UC San Diego to fund her work in Uganda. She also received the GloCal Health Fellowship to fund her work in Kenya. As a Fogarty Health Fellow, Julie currently resides in Kenya.


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