Mario Morales

Mario graduated in Cultural Anthropology from the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla in 2009. His thesis was a historical ethnography of tourism and illegal selling of communal land the Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico; his research involved an uninterrupted year of fieldwork in two villages of the area. In 2012 he completed an MS in Demography at El Colegio de México. His thesis “The battle for the security in Mexico: military and police operations, homicides and organized crime between 2007 and 2010” won the Gustavo Cabrera Award as the best national master thesis in demography and population studies in 2012. In the private sector he worked as security analyst with the team that led the Secretariat of Public Security of Mexico from 2006 to 2012. In the public sector he collaborated in the area of institutional development at the Internal Affairs Unit of the Mexican Federal Police. He is currently working as a research assistant on a NIDA funded project entitled “Escudo”, led by Drs. Steffanie Strathdee and Leo Beletsky at UCSD, which is a pioneer study intended to prospectively examine the impact of a Police Education Program to align law enforcement and HIV prevention in Tijuana, Mexico. His research interest is the articulation between law enforcement officers, organized criminals and people who use drugs.