Defining the Role of Mexican Pharmacies in HIV Prevention - a Mixed Methods Approach (Syringe Access)

Funded by NIDA grant K01 DA022923-02; PI: Robin Pollini

Syringe Access Syringe Access

Sterile syringes can be legally purchased without a prescription at pharmacies in Mexico, yet injection drug users (IDUs) in Tijuana report that being denied syringe purchase is common. This study uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to achieve the following research goals:

  1. Characterize current practices regarding sales of sterile syringes to IDUs at pharmacies in Tijuana.
  2. Identify reasons underlying refusal to sell syringes to IDUs and identify specific circumstances under which pharmacists would be willing to expand syringes sales.
  3. Assess the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of pharmacists regarding HIV/AIDS and ascertain the acceptability of providing prevention information to purchasers of syringes.
  4. Elucidate IDUs past experiences with pharmacy-based syringe purchase and the circumstances under which they would most likely avail themselves of pharmacy syringe sales.