SALUD: Syndemic Alcohol Use Disorders, Violence, and HIV/STI in Young Latino Men


Funding Source: NIAAA K01AA025009

PI: Kiyomi Tsuyuki

SALUD (Cheers/Health) aims to elucidate the temporal sequence of alcohol use disorders (AUD), intimate partner violence (IPV), and HIV/STI, and to identify risk/protective socio- structural factors and stress and coping factors among Latino men (versus white men; n=5,140) in their critical transition from adolescence (12-18 years) to mid-adulthood (32-42 years).

To achieve this, we propose secondary analysis of four waves of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health data (n=5,140), which contains rich social, behavioral, and biological data (e.g., stress and immune response and HIV/STI biomarkers). Findings from this research will identify socio-structural and stress and coping targets for intervention with Latino men and inform the development of more effective AUD, IPV, and HIV/STI prevention and treatment interventions, as well as highlight sub-group nuances among Latino men (e.g., by non-/white race, national sub-group, and sexual orientation).